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I am a psychotherapist and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies' Integral Counseling Program. 

My practice is very much influenced by Buddhist philosophy, Gestalt Awareness Practice and Parts Work, Feminist theory, Liberation Psychology, Psychodynamics and Attachment theory, and is Trauma-Informed using Polyvagal Theory and the mind-body connection. 

My training tends to revolve around couples work and trauma work. I have completed the Gottman Couples Therapy Training II and am currently in PACT Level I couples training. I have attended workshops with Relational Life Therapy (Terry Real) and PACT (Stan Tatkin) pertaining to infidelity and have worked with many couples navigating issues with betrayal. My couples work is also influenced by EFT, Imago Dialogue, and Non-Violent Communication. My trauma training comes from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine and the teachings of Dr. Thema Bryant, Janina Fisher, Pat Ogden, and Bessel van der Kolk. I have participated in many process group trainings, including Gestalt and the Stanford T-group seminar, and have experience co-facilitating a weekly drop-in support group.

I am third generation Greek-American and consider myself bicultural.


I enjoy working with anyone or any group who is having a hard time in relationships - whether it is romantic, platonic, work related, or family related. I connect well with clients who may have had a chaotic childhood, deal with family members/partners who have narcissistic tendencies, may need support navigating intense emotions and affect regulation, have suffered from religious trauma, and/or are adult children of immigrants.

Couples work has become a passion of mine and I am grateful to help couples navigate communication, infidelity, pre or post marital struggles, and whatever else may enter the therapy room. Additionally, I appreciate having sessions with men and women and everyone in between who may be coming up against gender stereotypes and feeling the effects of white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy.


Before becoming a therapist, I made a career out of being a full-time musician and music teacher. My main instruments are the violin and my voice. I value mindfulness, nature, activism, cultural humility and sensitivity, non-violent communication, consent, community, creative expression, humor, movement, rest, and trying my best to live in a way that is authentic to my values. 


I believe that because much of our wounding can come from how we relate to others, that our healing can come through relationship too. I see us as co-explorers in this work together, holding myself accountable to show up in a real and authentic way with you. I believe you are the expert of your own experience and that each of us holds an innate wisdom when it comes to healing ourselves. I genuinely take an interest in my clients' lives and experience it as a privilege to sit with those dealing with challenging life experiences.

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